To Give You Some Background…

UPDATED: 6/11/2016: My journey with brain cancer (GBM, grade 4) began about April 8th 2016 with some icky symptoms – dizzy, motion sick from dizziness, double vision, and slowed co-ordination in my right arm. After many trips to emergency rooms, school nurses, and doctors it was discovered in an MRI on April 21st that there was a mass located at the back of my brain, just touching the cerebellum. From there, I was given a nice ride in an ambulance from Searcy, Arkansas, to Little Rock, Arkansas and was admitted into St. Vincent’s Hospital. Where my parents-in-law, husband, Jeanie Linton, and deans of Harding followed the ambulance and met me. I was blessed to be assigned Dr. Ali Krisht as my neurosurgeon, a surgeon ranked in the top 1% of his field! So God really blessed me there. My surgery to remove the cancerous tumor was April 27th and Dr. Krisht was able to remove 95% of it. My father, Dr. A. R. Doyle and brother, Nathanael J. Doyle, brought me back home to Illinois on May 3rd and it was a great, safe, and easy trip, thanks to my dad, brother, and God. Brandon surprised me and met us at home that night, something I did not expect. It was an amazing surprise. May 14th Brandon and I were married in a private family-only ceremony at our home, which had always been the plan (even before the cancer; I do not want anyone thinking that we were married hurriedly like I am terminal or something…that thought upsets me.) May 16th I started radiation and chemotherapy treatments and am still continuing that currently. June 10th my MRI that was taken June 9th was reviewed by my father, Brandon, and Dr. Smith (my radiation oncologist) and found that I am showing good response to treatment, Praise the Almighty Lord! My last radiation appointment is July 5th.

Please pray for healing and that God take this from me – our God is so great and big, He can do anything. Pray for my family because it is extremely hard for them right now.

Pray prayers of thanksgiving for the amazing things God has done for me so far!

Romans 12:12


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