Day 220: The Fall

Good afternoon…

I had a bit of a scare this morning, twice. I fell once while trying to weigh myself (I fell onto a green storage bin, used for Christmas storage). And then again about 30 minutes later I got up off the sofa to get some Marie Calendar’s turtle pie :))) and while standing my ears started ringing really loudly and everything got fuzzy and I must’ve passed out because I went down and woke up 10 seconds later covered in water (because I fell into the dog water bowl). Mom started screaming, dad was helping me up and I’ve never seen Brandon move so quickly in my life. Nathanael cleaned up all the water. And of course hardy slept through it all. 😂 

My left ear Is pretty banged up, so mom and dad have decided I’m going to sleep with a helmet on for a few days….

So mom immediately jumped on the phone and was trying to get an ambulance – unnecessary. We had her stop that (I hate ambulance rides). And dad and Brandon took me to the hospital. 

Now we’re at the hospital and they’re monitoring my blood pressure. I am having issues with orthostatic hypotension— when I go to stand up, my blood pressure drops really low. So I’m laying in the bed typing this out with my left hand that has this nasty IV sticking out of it. And I keep having to pee… gah! Dr. Monga put me back on dexamethasone for my symptoms from the recurrence (edema on my brain) and dex tends to dry you out- it makes you have to go pee like crazy. I’ve already gone four times since we’ve been here. 

I want to go home and be with my brothers. I want nathanael. 
They’re giving me a L of fluids and then will re-test my orthostatics and then hopefully send me home. 

So physically we’re getting it back on track; mentally emotionally I’m struggling. I’m really scared and I want this all to be done. I’m really worried about my parents, my family and Brandon.


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