Day 219: The Day After Christmas

Good Afternoon, all! I hope you and yours had a blessed and very merry Christmas! 🎄🎁 

Christmas Eve is my family’s big night, Christmas Day is a bit more laid back. We had a big meal – prime rib, baked potatoes, corn, drippings, sparkling cider, turtle pie – it truly was a feast. I nearly ate myself sick. 

Nathanael distributed the gifts 🎁 and we opened them each. I got a beautiful necklace and bracelet, some candles and giftcards from mom and dad. Brandon and I got dad a blu-ray player and we got mom the Big Bang complete series on blu-ray. They both seemed very happy. I hope they truly like their gifts. 

I sneakily was able to get a little surprise gift for Brandon (you married people know how difficult it can be to keep purchases surprising!) but somehow I managed it and got him a Calvin & Hobbes comics book. They are very sentimental to him and he’s mentioned it to me before, so I thought it would be a special gift – i was right! It was:)

Brandon and I put some money towards Nathanael’s computer monitor that he got back at his birthday so Brandon just got a little box and stuck a note in it to remind him that that was what he had asked us for – we didn’t want him to think we forgot or skipped out on him. Same thing with hardy. We got hardy some Minnetonka Moccassins. But when they came in they were a bit large on him. So we sent them back to get a size smaller, so that’s what we’re currently waiting on. 

On Christmas Eve, after presents and the feast, the boys hustled upstairs for video games (but of course) and my parents, Brandon and myself, watched A Christmas Story (Ralphie!!!) my favorite Christmas movie. I really enjoyed it.

For Christmas Day, we went to church, came home and blitzed the house and finished cooking before our little group came over. It was Teresa, Brian, Zech, Chris, and Grandma, plus the boys, my parents, and Brandon and myself. So not a huge group, but a merry little gathering. It was beautiful and fun. And as great as it was, I’m glad for it to be over – all the hub-bub is calming down! 

Lol last night after every one left and the house had calmed, my parents and I watched The Nativity Story. A great movie to watch this season, but especially at the beginning…. I missed watching it at the beginning this year, but I’m going to make it a point next year. It really helps to hit home what the main reason for the season is. 

This morning, the Monday after Christmas Madness, Brandon and I woke up early and trekked to Target to get clearance Christmas items – ornaments and such. The day after Christmas Target has huge sales on all the Holiday Decor. So we went there and then stopped by Walmart to check out sales and headed on home. 

Today is just a rest day for me. I got my thing done (target ornaments) early today and took the doggies on a walk with dad. The dogs could always use a walk and Lord knows I can too. I’m trying to work my steps back up. I plan to pick up our little basement apartment area downstairs today while Brandon is out with my dad and Hardy doing some car stuff. I’m not exactly sure what they’re doing. 

So I’m just gunna rest and do some light picking up. I start my 6th round of Chemotherapy pills tonight, 6/18 so after this week, I’ll be a third done !:) yay!

New Year’s Eve we’re having a little get together here at our house (you’re more than welcome to come over) with finger foods, snackies, and board games (scatter gories!!!) Then New Year’s Day, we have a big meal again and the family comes over.

Brandon and I were supposed to go to Arkansas for a wedding this weekend, but with the new round of chemo and the recurrence, both my parents and my doctors would rather me not be traveling during such a hectic time of year. So we’ll stay put and celebrate the wedding here in Illinois. lol congratulations Daniel & Tori!!!

In closing, I’d like to give a big thank you to God for his son – the purest best gift anyone has ever received m, for all the work my parents and family put into presents, parties, and food, in the past couple weeks, and my husband for schlepping me around everywhere and loving and supporting me through this whole health ordeal. I’m incredibly blessed. 

I’m going to boldly continue to ask for your prayers for myself and for my family as we are still in the middle of this cancer battle. The holidays may be coming to a close, but this fight is ramping up, and I’m going to beat this thing with my husband, my family, my friends, and most importantly, my God. It’s not even a question at this point anymore. 

From mine to yours, a very Merry 12 days of Christmas! 

1 thought on “Day 219: The Day After Christmas


    Always good to read your updates, even though , I realize, some are frightening to you and, us family members. You folks had quite a feast with prime ribs and all the fixins’ Tell all ‘hello’ from uncle Schaad. Oh! If Brandon would like to borrow my ‘Walter Patton” DVD have him give me a buzz. You have a fine husband there, Anna, but, of course, he has a fine wife..



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