Day 215: December 22nd

Good evening!

Just updating everyone that we heard back from Dr. Krisht earlier today. My dad spoke with him, so nothing I’m saying is coming directly from Krisht, it’s third hand information. 

Dr. Krisht said he’s not sure that the spots are anything – they might just be cysts or benign growths (gross) from radiation. Because he is not convinced of anything, he would like a spectroscopy to be done. This is a series of images that are taken by the same machine as an MRI. So it’s not invasive. 

Magnetic Resonance (MR) spectroscopy is a noninvasive diagnostic test for measuring biochemical changes in the brain, especially the presence of tumors. While magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) identifies the anatomical location of a tumor, MR spectroscopy compares the chemical composition of normal brain tissue with abnormal tumor tissue.

So currently the plan is for me to call University of Iowa tomorrow and get an appointment set up to have the spectroscopy done. After that the MRS will be sent to Arkansas, Dr. Krisht. It will also be evaluated by my doctors here (Dr. Monga, Dr. Smith, and the Tumor Board).

From there we will see what the next step will be. Until then it’s just a waiting game. Bleh. So we’re hoping to have the scope done next week so we can plan the next step. However, Brandon’s and my honeymoon is January 20th-28th and we really want to be able to go enjoy that time together. Brandon and I discussed with Dr. Monga last week, if we should just postpone the honeymoon, but he assured us that even if I have surgery, I should for sure be able to fly. So please pray that Brandon and I can have this special time away from all this craziness and health junk – we both need it. 

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet (like in my last post or something) but I feel a sense of relief knowing that this, these abnormal spots are responsible for my regression in physical therapy, my struggling more with coordination.

That prompts me to say, I’ve been seeing a psychologist / therapist, Dr. Ricketts. She is who I saw during high school. She is a cancer survivor (not brain cancer) and can empathize with a lot of my worries and fears. I definitely feel better emotionally now that im seeing her again. I’m just very happy and blessed to have yet another person on my support team. 

In other news, I turned 23 last Friday, and then I graduated last Saturday! Plus, we had the Doyle Family Christmas at my grandma’s house this past Sunday! So many big and wonderful things this past week.

While the bad news we received last Thursday is disappointing and daunting, I’m glad we seem to have caught it early and I am trying my best to not let it drag me down (easy to say; difficult to do) 

Before this recurrence, I had been organizing and starting my applications to graduate schools, but with this new development in my health, I feel like I need to put it on hold. I feel that the more I try to make plans for the future, or take steps forward in my life plans, that I’m tempting fate, Satan, the universe (whatever you want call it). 

I’m really just unsure about everything right now.

Please pray for all those who are in need right now. And if you know of anyone who needs somewhere to go for Christmas, send them my way. Additionally, please pray for a girl nathanael goes to school with, Tessa. She also brain cancer and she’s a freshman in high school… next, please continue to pray for Fern during her treatments and that she heal completely and for myself while trying to manage all these familiar worries about death and surgery. And lastly, let’s end with a prayer of thanksgiving to a Heavenly Father who sent a precious baby to save us all. That is the whole reason for this season. Thank you thank you Lord for your mercy and salvation – there is such comfort in knowing that even if I’m not healed here on earth, that I will be healed eternally in heaven with you. Thank you for loving me so.

1 thought on “Day 215: December 22nd

  1. Anonymous

    Continually praying for all who are struggling this holiday season. Especially praying for God’s grace to shower down upon you and provide you with peace and joy. Love and hugs to you and yours!



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