Day 209: The Recurrence

Hey y’all! It’s been a loooooong day. 

Let me start by saying, this update doesn’t have a super uplifting end. Lol so you might want someone else to read it and just give you bullet points – that’s what Brandon does for me on lots of things. #MyHero

So! I had an MRI today at 1pm that took what felt like forever. Instead of just injecting MRI contrast directly into the vein (which is what most places do) they hooked up an IV and then pumped contrast in… 

y’all, I hate needles. I hate IVs. I HATE IVs. It’s not that they hurt or anything (knock on wood*) it’s just the mere idea of a foreign object being in my body for a prolonged (long than a minute) period of time.

Then, after the MRI, I went to see Dr. Monga. We reviewed the MRI and my blood labs. Labs were all good, but there is some new tumor growth 😿

^^^ sad illustration of MRI image. The  bigger white circle area is where the original tumor was. The red spots are the new growths. And the weird tiny little white spot is where I messed up the image – it’s not anything.^^^

What that means

**I will most likely be having surgery at some point in the next 4 weeks

**i see Dr. Monga and Dr. Greenley (Dr. Monga’s go-to neurosurgeon) on January 4th for a surgery consultation and for another MRI to see if this new tumor growth is still growing or if it’s stable

**the tumor will not shrink. That is not a possibility. It will either have grown or will just be stable. 

**stronger chemo is one possible way to stabilize the tumor

**a ‘better’ option is for me to under go another surgery (resection) to get rid of all the tumor growth. 

**this is a better option because we can get our hands on the tumor to study it, we can get it out without loading me down with chemicals, I should be able to tolerate surgery very well as I’m a healthy candidate for surgery (young and very healthy besides being chubby lol).

So, I’ve updated you. Yes, I’m upset. No, I’m not ok. Brandon is upset. My parents are upset. We’re all upset and not okay. And that’s ok. That’s part of dealing with this process. 

There’s nothing anyone can do except pray. But thank you. And I mean it. I appreciate every offer to help, every thought, every prayer. That being said, please don’t blow up the house phone or my cell phone – use Facebook lol. I don’t want to talk to anyone on the phone; everything makes me cry. I don’t mean that rudely at all. 

In other news, TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!:) and Saturday I graduate from undergrad!!! (Finally.) 

^^^brandon at Olive Garden for my birthday dinner!!!^^^

So please pray for myself, my family, and my doctors.

5 thoughts on “Day 209: The Recurrence

  1. Anonymous

    Wow Annemarie! I am so sorry. I love you so much and I hope that the tumor goes away. Thinking and praying for you everyday. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



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