Day 182: November 18th

Good afternoon readers:) I hope you’re all having a great Friday!!! Who else is super excited for thanksgiving next week?!

So, I thought it was about time to update you on everything… so you remember about our big scare with Nathanael? And how he has pneumonia… his birthday is on the 20th and for his birthday mom and dad got him all the components to build a really cool gaming computer (don’t ask me the difference between a gaming computer and a regular computer-i have no clue). For his birthday / Christmas present, Brandon and I got him the monitor for his new computer. So Nathanael, although he’s really sick, and constantly sounds like he’s coughing up a lung, is a pretty happy camper. 

Yesterday, the 17th, was my dad’s birthday. So if you can, send him a text, or call him, or email him and wish him a happy birthday (no Facebook because he never checks it). He was gone at his job in Dixon yesterday so we couldn’t celebrate with him. But he gets home this evening and we’ll have a nice dinner and sing to him. Brandon, mom, and I are all working to get the house in order and looking nice. Brandon and I got dad a really nice pair of winter boots for his birthday (he really needed some) and I’m really excited to see him try them on. I hope he likes them! 

So since Nathanael’s sick and dad’s been gone at work, we’re gunna celebrate and have a cake, etc. with all the family during Thanksgiving at our house next Thursday. I can’t wait! Mom is gunna make a huge thing of gravy, which will be the perfect chance for me to break out my new gravy boat from my cousin and her husband. To me, gravy boats represent everything about domestic life.

Brandon and I both had a doctors appointment with our PCP on Wednesday. It was just a routine checkup and it went well. The only thing different was that he prescribed me an antibiotic since he knows Nathanael has pneumonia. He started me on the antibiotic in hopes of preventing me from getting it because, ya know, my immune system sucks lol. So other than having a nasty cold, I’m feeling just fine – no pneumonia for me, Lord willing.

I see Dr. Monga this coming Monday, to check in, and if everything (bloodwork) looks good, then I believe I start my next round of chemo. (Wooooo just in time for my wedding 😑)

It’s about two weeks until the wedding, so we’re in the final stretch here! Everything is becoming hectic, or should I say more hectic. Please pray that everything comes together and mom and I don’t lose our cool lol.

Other than that, I can’t think of much more to update y’all on… hmm… so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Please continue to pray for moms pain and healing. Also, please pray for Nathanael to heal quickly and get feeling better. Additionally, please continue to pray for me, to feel less nauseated and to kick cancer in the keister lol. Lastly, please pray for Fern as she continues her treatments. Lastly lastly, pray for all those traveling for Thanksgiving. 

Love you all 🙂 thanks for reading and praying! 

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