Day 152: October 19th

Happy Fall Ya’ll! I’m so glad it’s finally getting cooler outside…. the colors are changing, candles are burning, apple smells everywhere, and I can finally wear Uggs! Praise the Lord! Typically I’d have to wait until next month or after thanksgiving to begin my Ugg Season due to me go to school in the South — it just doesn’t get chilly enough before thanksgiving. Anyhow, I’m pretty happy about being able to wear them now! 

Update on Chemotherapy: I had my blood tested last Wednesday and again yesterday. Preface: A typical, healthy person has anywhere between 150,000-450,000 p/mcL depending on their diet, exercise and lifestyle. For a patient on chemotherapy medications, platelets are expected to drop to between 110,000 – 149,000. Last Wednesday my platelets came back at 67,000 p/mcL. Not good. Yesterday my platelets were reported at 41,000 p/mcL. Worse. Because of this, I cannot start my chemo tonight as scheduled. I have to be at at least 100,000 p/mcL. Note: platelet levels of 20,000 and lower can result in random bleeding, internal hemoragging, and shock. Wonderful 😑 due to this unfortunate turn of events, I will be getting my blood drawn again next Tuesday to re-test. 

Please join me in praying for my platelets to increase. I’m very discouraged by this and am very worried, but I’m confident and have faith in my God. He has control and whatever happens, I’m in His hands. That is my only comfort.

Next, my aunts and female cousins are graciously planning a bridal shower for me, to take place on November 12th. I’m looking forward to it a lot! I’ll get to wear Uggs to the party! Additionally, a lady at church this past Sunday asked me if I was registered. I thought she was going to urge me to go vote. Silly me, she was asking if I was registered anywhere for the shower. So to generally answer that question, yes. Brandon and I are registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond as well as Dillard’s. I don’t have a separate shower registry, just those two wedding registeries. In fact, if you need the link or would like to look at it, here are the links:


Now that that is clarified, on the BB&B registry there is a big shiny silver turkey platter. It is literally a serving platter shaped like a turkey. It is awesome. It is ridiculously expensive. I did not intend for anyone to purchase this, but for me to use discount coupons for. Let me explain: when there are items left on your registry – items that haven’t been purchased – many stores give the new couple discounts and coupons to ‘complete their registry’ (purchase the remaining items). I intend to use this opportunity to get my beautiful turkey dish. 

Last thing due for now is an update on mom! Yesterday we went to see the podiatrist. It was all generally good stable news – nothing terrible or urgent. I feel incredibly justified and vindicated because the doctor told her to absolutely not drink pop or any carbonated beverage. She is now allowed 1/month which is going to be quite a decrease from her normal 5 – 6/day! Soda, because of its generally high sodium content causes high fluid retention this is very unhealthy for diabetics. Additionally, any carbonated beverage causes non-specific inflammation. I have been telling mom this, hyperbolically, forever. After yesterday, She has finally accepted that I was right!!!

I’ll go ahead and end the post here. I’m tired and my thumb is worn out from all this texting/typing lol. 

In closing, please, please, please, pray for my health, specifically my platelets. And let’s give thanks to God for the good, stable news for mom from the podiatrist and for the enormous blessing of this doctor. She’s really pretty, knowledgeable, genuine, and really really friendly. Pray for my mother for relief from pain, and her continued healing. Additionally, please continue praying for Fern with her cancer treatments. I could make an entire post out of prayer requests and thanks but I doubt many people would read it and it would take forever to assemble lol. So I’ll leave my requests as is. Thanks to each of my readers and to our Big God! 

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