Day 87: update from yesterday

Just a quick re-run of what went down last week: we were tapering (weaning) me off of Dextamethasone (a corticosteroid) that I had been on since May 5th. I started feeling very ill: nauseated, dizzy, overall feelings of weakness, and because I was nauseated I didn’t want to eat or drink anything so I became dehydrated and was lacking nutrition which made all the symptoms much worse – I went into steroid withdrawal. Suck.

I was supposed to start my next round of chemo last week, while all of this was going on, but because this round of chemo will be much stronger than the first one, Dr. Monga couldn’t start me on it while I was feeling so cruddy – he said I’d be in ICU in just a few days if we did that. 

So, dr. Monga switched me to a different steroid – hydrocortisone – which is what I was on after surgery in April – April 27th-May 3rd. And ordered an MRI for me for this past Saturday. He ordered the MRI to be sure that there wasn’t/isn’t any tumor regrowth. 

On the hydrocortisone I feel much better; more energy, not as much of a weird taste in my mouth as before, no nausea, I don’t feel weak. But we still had to do the MRI to be safe.

Yesterday we went over the MRI photos and I had to have them really break it down for me because I had no idea what I was looking at. …. There was a tinyspot that  was there post-surgery,that had changed a little in color and size. But because of radiation it could just be what’s called “pseudo-progression” or false progression – where it appears to be progressing but it’s really more like dust and debri left over after construction work. 

Previously the spot was small and white, currently the spot is slightly bigger and half white and half black. Which could be cause for concern but because I have no symptoms since switching steroids, my doctors are fairly sure that it’s just pseudo-progression or that it’s just scar tissue from surgery. 

It’s very odd to me that this thing, whatever it is, is in my skull, my brain, and I can’t feel it? Idk if that’s a blessing or not, but I’m going to choose to see it as such. 

I will start my next round of chemo (5/28 days) either late this week, or early next week—I have to wait for the pills to come from a specialty pharmacy since most pharmacies don’t just have chemo on hand lol. And normally at this point in treatment I would be getting blood work every three weeks and MRIs every 8 weeks. But because of that pesky spot, I’ll be having MRIs every 4 weeks for the foreseeable future. Thank you blue cross blue shield! Lol anyways, I’m out for now, text or comment if you have any questions lol. I don’t mind in the least. 

Please pray that this is all okay and that it’s just dying scar tissue. Also for the family of Jerry Bernauer Sr. (A member of our church) who passed away yesterday evening after a long battle with bladder cancer.

2 thoughts on “Day 87: update from yesterday

  1. Genknee Jirk Reeakchon

    This is a great blog! I was happy to read that you were an active participant in the reading of your MRI results and getting the break down! That’s progress, woman! And you are a woman – strong, capable and loved by your family and a God on high that is able! Amen!! Whoot! 😉 I love you to bits.


  2. Teresa fry

    I’m so happy to see you feeling mentally and physically much better. It was a joy to have you with Grandma and me at the Goodwill the other day. We’ll get out and do that some more that was a lot of fun. You just have to get out of the house and stay active as much as you can. Heck , grandma and me Will teach you how to really shop for bargains, LOL.



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