Day 80: Harding University p. 1

Let me preface this by saying this post will be a long one. I could write about Harding enough to fill a book, but I’ll leave that for another time. For now, this will just be a lengthy post about my love-hate relationship with my private Christian school. Harding has been on my mind lately – I’ve been missing it and everything about it, as well as all the people.

Where to begin? When I applied to Harding, as a wee little senior in high school, at the tender age of 17, it was the only place I applied, I was following a boy, and I was not very excited about it — I had wanted to go to Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas because that’s where my boyfriend at the time wanted to go. Mom and dad wouldn’t allow that. If I was going to go to a state school, I was going to an Illinois state school because out of state taxes will bleed you dry lol. 

I visited a few times and was even part of that creepy U-Peers thing so I knew some other incoming freshman when I got there. I was luckier than ever, and obviously being looked out for by Marcus Thomas and God, to have gotten an amazing pot-luck roommate – Meryl Wetton ( who is newly engaged! WooHoo!!!) and even further blessed to have been put into Sears dorm (the newest renovated dorm at that time – only like one year old – on the third floor so I didn’t have to hear noisy girls all above me.

Yet another blessing I’ve been afforded was going on a design-specific trip to HUF (Harding University Florence). I was in Italy, Paris, and London for 6,8ish weeks during the summer of 2012, and while during the trip I hated it more than anything, in retrospect it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’m not someone who has many regrets … I have very very few. But one of them is being such a downer on the trip and not taking advantage of the opportunity to its fullest. Because if this, I’ve made Brandon promise to take me back there as well as London at some point. 

That fall, for the fall semester of 2012, my roommate, Meryl, went to HIZ (Harding In Zambia). That is the semester I struggled the most. Meryl was the biggest Christian influence in my life at that time and without her constantly by my side, i let my spiritual life and faith crumble. I got involved in things I shouldn’t have, with people I shouldn’t have. I’m happy to say that by 2013 I was generally back on track. Meryl was kind enough to include me with herself and her Zambia friends when they returned.

(I LIVED in the blue house all the way in the back on the left 😍) 

Spring of 2013 I was still nursing an obsession / crush with a guy at Harding I had met just before freshman year started. Thankfully, at that time, I was surrounded by people who set me straight (pretty much). And in the fall of 2013, I met the amazing man that would become my husband, as well as my best guy friend, Patrick White, all thanks to Courtney Davis. In fact, I’ve met most of my closest and dearest friends while in the bubble of Harding.

Let’s talk about Harding CT & L. I got my job as lab attendant the spring of 2012 and started in fall of 2012. I couldn’t have gotten a better job and I still recommend working in the lab to my hard working friends. It’s a very easy job that requires a lot of responsibility and self-starting / motivation. I had three bosses: Nathan, Scott, and Dave. Three very intimidating and Godly men! I respect them and like them so much. I have only good things to say about them and CT&L. I miss that job. In fact, I’d love to eventually hold one of my bosses positions. I love the labs, especially my dear Ezell lab -102 or 209. 

For now, this will be the end of this post, otherwise it would go on indefinitely. I’ll continue later. 

ğŸŽ§ Always love, hate will get you every time ğŸŽ§   – Nada Surf

Romans 12:12 – rejoice in hope, endure in suffering, persist in prayer.

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