Day 51: last radiation, last chemo for a while (p. 1)

So, we meet again Tuesday. Today is my last radiation. After this, I can never have radiation on my brain again. Weird huh? So if we’re all ever trapped on a desert island and were deciding who to eat, I’m pretty safe because you’d all get sick from eating radiated meat lol. And that is how my brothers mind thinks – he’s the one who told me that yesterday lol! 

Today / last night was /is my last chemo dose for a while as well. I now have 28 days off chemo, and then on the 29th day ill be taking a higher dose. I’ll take that for 5 days and then wait another 28 days and so on. This is where we hope absolutely nothing happens. During this time we want and pray for no recurrence, no weird symptoms and clean MRIs and blood panels. 

We are still going to Arkansas July 18th. We will leave here on the 18th and I have an MRI at 10am on the 19th. And unless something horrible happens, we’ll be on our way back home either the 19th or 20th. We’re going to Arkansas to check in with my neurosurgeon who would prefer to have the MRI done at his own facilities and would like to actually lay eyes on me. I don’t want to go, but I want to for sure maintain him as my neurosurgeon. Given the chances of recurrence, I will most likely be having brain surgeries for the rest of my life, no matter how long they may be, so I’d like for Dr. Krisht to be that surgeon. 

So after today, I have a few less pills to take each night, and my body can have some time to heal itself. Please pray that during this time, that nothing recurs or goes wrong, but that all the cancer is gone and stays that way. 

Dear Lord, please take this from me. If it isn’t blasphemous to say, Let this cup pass from me. If it is, forgive me. Let me be okay. Answer my petition and give me quick relief from this suffering. Let me bring glory to You through my life, and not through my suffering and death. In your Son’s name, amen.

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