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June 22nd, 2016 (Day 38 part 2)

Today was the cake tasting for cupcakes at the wedding. We’ve had the actual wedding cake decided on for a while and that’s all been taken care of, but the cupcakes were really difficult to figure out because no one in the Quad Cities would even try to make them, because of how much detail of fondant they require. But they’re what the entire concept of my wedding is based on. To use an interior design term, these cupcakes are my wedding’s ‘parti’. The bakery who is actually making these cupcakes is “Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie”   ⭐️🌙🍰🍦🍭🎂🍫🍩🍪🍡

(Leyara Cakes, AU)

It was supposed to be Brandon, myself, and my mom at the tasting but Brandon doesn’t like any cake except white cake with plain white frosting so we decided that he wouldn’t be any help with making decisions in this part of wedding planning. Dad gladly took his place lol. Yum yum yum. It was great. And we got it ALL taken care of and booked and planned. I’m so happy!!! More progress on wedding stuff!

(Leyara Cakes, AU)

Oh yeah, and I had radiation today so…. It’s like…. 8 radiations left. These last 8 ( well 9,including today) are just a couple minutes shorter because they’re considered “boosts”.  After all of this, I’m going to glow in the dark from all the radiation (you can only safely do so much lol, so I will have done all I can do at the end of this!) 

Now I’m just hanging out, mom is combing through what’s left of my hair. lol and I’m looking forward to her making my favorite soup tonight. Also, a dear friend of mine is coming to visit next week, Jeanie Linton. So pray for safe travels for her! 

(Beautiful Jeanie trying on her bridesmaid dress!!!)
In closing, the Christian Chronicle article came out today, here’s the link:

Please give it a read 🙂 Ms. Jones did a great job turning my garbled mush into a beautiful story! I’m honored to get to share my struggle with others and have people care enough to read! 

Prayer Requests: mom for surgery on June 27th, Jeanie traveling next week to come visit, and that this cancer all go away. I can’t, but God can.

Romans 12:12

Day 38: Third Day of Summer, Countdown of Radiation, and Hair

preface: there are photos below that are graphic (me without hair). Viewer discretion is advised! And you’ve been forewarned lol.

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday and the day before… I received a couple texts asking if I was okay; yepp, I’m just great, I just didn’t really have anything to say. There were no updates or anything, so I wasn’t sure how to post on that?

yesterday and the day before were good days! Brandon took me to radiation and I had labs drawn for Dr. Monga so he can just make sure everything is going well with my body functions lol, liver etc.

I request the same nurse now, Nurse Jane, everytime because I can’t even feel the needle go in when she draws my blood. She’s a great nurse:)

Today is Wednesday and I have 9 more radiation treatments. Hardy is taking me today and after today there will be only 8 left!:) were currently tapering me off my steroid so hopefully my face will start to look less chipmunky and acne ish:/ but the doctor said that will take time because steroids like to make your body hold on to it, so it’s a slow process.

I’m like super losing my hair now. Like it was going before but my hair is sad right now lol. I’ve got two bald spots on the very top of my head, and then one huuuuge one on basically, the right side of my head. It’s massive. Additionally I have one mirrored on the left side that is slightly smaller.

 I was just gunna shave it all and start over and then use extensions or a wig (a good friend of mine is in Berlin and she is in a wig making class and graciously offered to make me a custom one as my wedding present – I couldn’t ask for anything better – what a beautiful friend) but my parents and my doctor don’t seem to like the idea of me shaving it all; not for any health reason but I think they think I’ll regret it. When really I’m just thinking its gross how patchy it is lol. 

If you’d like to weigh in your comments or thoughts on: shave it off and start over or, leave what there is and attach extensions to that, let me know. I’d love some feedback! Thanks! 

Glory to God through all of this 🙂 thank you for a beautiful day and all these thunderstorms – I love ’em!

Romans 12:12 

Day 35: Sunday, and Resting, Power and Control

Oh my gosh everyone, yesterday was ah-maz-ing! Trevor, Amy, Brandon and myself went to Disc Replay and traded in some old video games of Brandon’s, and Amy found 3 of her favorite movies for basically no moneys…. (Side note: disc replay is a really good and cheap place to buy and sell movies, video games, books, etc.) and I got the book, “Football For Dummies” for 2$! I hadn’t bought it previously because Amazon charges 15-20$ for it and I couldn’t justify it lol. But 2$ so I can better understand something my husband loves so much? I can do that. Lol

Then we ran a couple more errands and headed home to begin ‘The Feast’ as I like to call it. Trevor fired up the grill and I fired up the oven and let me cut this a little short, but we had so much delicious food, it was like a Thanksgiving-type feast lol. I’m thankful to God for the opportunity and blessing to enjoy such great meals, when there are people who can’t. I’m thankful for those meals with people who love / care about me and who I love / care about. Thank you, Lord!

Today Amy and Trevor head back to Arkansas, boo 😦   So please pray for safe travels for them! And Brandon works from 8am-1pm, opens, DG today. Daddy and the boys will be going to church this morning, while mama and I stay home. 

I’m staying home from church this morning for a couple reasons: 1. I am super exhausted. Yesterday was a big day and I only slept six hours the night before. 2. just naturally, Sunday morning church has more people, and as chemo continues, my immune system is further compromised, and I’m just paranoid someone I don’t know is sick will pat me on the back or hug me or something sweet and unintentional and make me sick :/ 3. Being around so many people exhausts me, emotionally and mentally, very quickly. 

(Let me add a PREFACE here that this post is all over the place and scatterbrained, poorly written and super long.) 

All this being said, I still need to, fellowship with fellow believers as is commanded of me, and take the Lords Supper. I plan to attend evening church tonight with Brandon, because he’ll be off work and it will be a little thinner crowd then. 

Church just makes me feel good… It makes me feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Not like checking it off my to-do list or something but God tells us to go and worship him, and this is how I obey that. I feel like that is something I can do that brings me closer to God, someone I’m relying on very heavily at this point in my life. Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way, but that is how I feel about it currently. I’m not a theologian, let’s let that be known lol.

Power and control… 2 things I love. I like to be the boss, I like to be in charge. This whole change in my life is forcing me to learn that I really have no power or control in an overall sense. This is both a jarring and relieving revelation. At the beginning of this ‘cancer experience’ I won’t lie to you, I was scared, furious at God, and an emotional wreck, with constant break downs and outbursts, etc. 

and I’m not ashamed of that. …..when you know the plans for the next few months that you’ve so carefully planned: you’re about to graduate from undergrad, trying to apply for graduate school, and you’ve been offered your dream job, all while getting to have an amazing summer with your fiancé and family and then it all crumbles, well frankly, that sucks.

Then I started thinking scarier and deeper, less petulantly, and more fearfully about the future. Questions like, “will I get years and anniversaries with my husband and is it fair to even marry him if I know I’ll widow him?”, “will I ever get to have a child?”, and morbidly enough, “how do I want to have my body taken care of after I pass?”. Yes in the hospital, immediately after my diagnosis of GBM, I had given up. I thought and felt that they had just given me 15 months to live and figure out my affairs. 

These are all things I’m okay with that I’ve thought or have happened, this is part of my personal experience with cancer and how I’m dealing with it. I wouldn’t change it. I’ve told Brandon so many times that I want to try to experience a little of everything, I’ll try anything once… I’m experiencing something no one ever wants to, and while I’m not going to say I’m thankful for cancer, I’m thankful for the mental and emotional, spiritual and logical, processes / experiences I’m going through while dealing with it.

The blessings and learning and growing I see in myself and those around me through this is a gift I can never exchange. The hard and terrifying questions I had before are still there and they’re still daunting, but you know what? I can’t answer them. I don’t know. I have not power or control over this situation. All I can do is control my response. And that’s where I am right now. It’s not easy. It is crazy-difficult everyday to not dwell on those thoughts, but all they do is upset me, and that’s not helpful in anyway to this experience for me, so I move to new thoughts. And there-in lies my coping mechanism for now lol. 

There’s a sort of relief in knowing God has it in His hands and not mine. I pray each night that He change the plan slightly and take this from me, a prayer of petition I say, so you can see I am still struggling to relinquish control I don’t have to begin with lol. But it’s kind of nice to not be in charge here. So there’s today’s peak into my mind, hope ya enjoy it and don’t get too confused. I love reading your comments and messages you leave me on messenger and texts. Thank you!

God’s got this and I’m along for the ride.

Day 34: Father’s Day Weekend

Good morning world! I’m in a great mood. You know why? It’s Father’s Day weekend and few things make me as happy as my dad does. He’s the most amazing, brilliant, wisest man I’ve ever met in my entire life. And I’m not the only one who thinks that. So ha. My dad is a second degree black belt and he could beat up your dad lol. 

(Dad sleeping all awkward and cute at some point in 2015.)

Additionally, we’re getting to celebrate this Father’s Day with my parents-in-law and I’m really excited to celebrate the man that half my husband comes from! I’m so lucky and blessed with my in-laws. I love you both so much, and thank God everyday for your raising of my husband.

(Dad a while ago when Nathanael looked like a girl because his hair never got cut as a baby lol. Probably about 2003).

Also, while it is Father’s Day weekend, I don’t want to leave out my mama. She has surgery on June 27th and it’s a biiiiiiiig, long, ugly, serious surgery and, while I’m thoroughly convinced she’ll be just fine, I can understand her fear and dread of it. The closer the date gets, she gets more anxious; that’s fair. Please pray for quick and easy healing, peace of mind, and as little pain as possible (she’s in agony until the surgery). Ponying on that, mama made this AMAZING homemade, from scratch, strawberry-rhubarb pie two days ago and it was eaten up by everyone quickly, I’m trying to find a way to get another one made soon lol. Because that was a slice of what love must taste like lol.

(Daddy and mama Christmas break of 2014!) 

So today were just having our immediate little family here, myself and Brandon, and Brandon’s parents, I guess I will refer to this from now on as ‘married set 1’ ok? Lol this way I don’t have to define and describe it again and again lol. 

(Daddy on Father’s Day last year, 2015.)

We’re going to swim (well I don’t lol) and barbecue and probably watch a movie or two and I’m just really glad to get to enjoy the company of two of the most important men in my life in a way that is fun for them. Also, I love food and were grilling out some super awesome foods today lol… And Trevor is a grill maaaaaster so this food is going to be on point lol.

(Daddy with my sweet puppy Luke. Dad doesn’t want to love him, but it’s hard not to lol)

Daddy is working this morning, Brandon and Trevor are working on food, Amy has been watching the dogs, mama super cleaned the kitchen and, I’m making brownies….  Hardy is no where to be found and the Nathanael+mason are still asleepas per usual lol. I’m gunna get them moving soon though and make one of them go on a walk with me or something lol.

(Daddy and myself just before leaving to drop me off in Arkansas for freshman year of college st Harding University, 2011!)

In closing, I’d like to ask for prayers for my mom’s surgery, for my dad as it’s going to be even tougher on him than it is now, with his soulmate being ‘out of commission’ for a while 😦 , and for me, that these last 11 treatments (radiation) really just abolish anything icky left in my head lol. I Praise God for all the blessings He’s given me, all the suffering He has comforted me through, and the way we’ve actually started a relationship through something so terrible. Also, thank you God for my daddy. Besides my salvation, he’s the greatest gift You’ve ever given me.

(My DAD!!! Dr. A. R. Doyle)
Romans 12:12

Day 33: Dr. Day with Amy! UPDATED

TGIF! 🙌🏻✌🏻️😱❤️😍😊 

Today I have physical therapy, occupational therapy, radiation, and Dr. Day with Dr. Smith. So we leave the house at 9:30am and don’t get home until about 2:30pm or 3pm, yucky lol. But at least it keeps me moving and distracted! Praise God for that!

My mother-in-law, Mrs. Amy Lloyd, is taking me to all my many appointments and therapies today, and I’m glad for the time I get to spend with her. I couldn’t ask for better in-laws, I love them!

Not much to report right now, but I’ll update this post later today about PT and OT and anything Dr. Smith says:) thanks for reading everyone :))) thank God for allowing me to be able to share my story!

Romans 12:12

Update, 3:10pm: Amy and I just got home a few minutes ago from all today’s events. I had a great time just being one-on-one with my MIL. I prefer one-on-one with people rather than groups, the introvert in me. lol

Therapies were great; I had 2 physical therapy goals left to reach, and I reached one today! Now there’s only one left to achieve! WOOT! 😊 thank you God for helping me achieve this goal! Occupational therapy is going well and I’ll be in that a while longer after PT ends, but I think once I’m off the steroid, I hope, I’ll progress faster (and I’ll stop looking like a balloon chipmunk!) The steroid (and some other meds I’m on) have tremors and shakes (and swelling, ew) as a side effect, so once I’m off this icky steroid, I hope to shake my right arm much less. Using the wrist weight helps a lot! 

I asked Dr. Smith about when I might be able to drive again. We discussed, since I haven’t been, like, legally distinguished as disabled I technically and legally could drive now; that being said, because of treatments and all the meds I’m on, it’s not safe, logical, or ethical for me to drive now. He wants me to wait at least 6 more weeks and then we’ll re-assess. I’m fine with that, I just was looking at how I could lighten the load on people around me.

So I think that’s all I needed to update you on? But in closing, I only have 11 radiation treatments left! Yay! It’s gunna take probably a few weeks for the steroid-swelling to begin going down is what the Doctor said, and a few weeks or months for my hair to start re-growing after radiation ends. Thank you Lord for letting this have been a painless, basically-hassle less, radiation process. All glory goes to God. I can’t, He can!

Day 32: Thursday, Therapies, Thirst

8am ish: It’s almost Friday… It’s almost the weekend! Woot! 

Today I have physical therapy and occupational therapy, I have radiation and Brandon’s parents get into town this evening! So big day, but blessed day!:)

I think it’s interesting that my doctors have mentioned that I would be more tired and want to nap more, etc. during these treatments, and if anything, I’m sleeping less than normal. That just shows what college will do to ya haha. Because Since I started college, even during summers, I sleep more than 9 hours a night typically. I love sleep lol. Down at school, I’d sleep from about 11pm.-6:30am and then take a 2-3 hour nap each afternoon, for a total of about 10 hours of sleep every 24 hours and now I sleep from about 11pm or midnight to about 7:30am just naturally, no alarm and I don’t nap. I like that, to me that feels like I’m tolerating treatment well. I don’t know if that’s what that actually means, but in my head that’s what that means lol.

Hardy is taking me to my appointments today, which I really appreciate because Brandon had a bunch of little, but necessary errands, that needed to be run this morning – dmv for car and licensing stuff. I really appreciate Hardy helping out because Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are hardy’s busiest days of the week with his mowing and transportation job. So he goes alllllllll day. He’s such a good kid. I’m thankful to God for him.

Update, 11:45am: I just finished therapies for today, it was so good. I am showing improvement in my hand a lot and that makes me really happy. Praise God for how He is letting me move forward. I could not do any of this without Him. I miss getting to sketch and typing lol. I just want to write a paper! Haha physical therapy was good too, she wants me to work on movements in my neck, just being mindful of posture and go on a walk everyday. So all things that are good for me 🙂 I love my therapists. I’m just really happy with being able to see my own progress, even if I still have a while to go, it feels great.

I will be done with physical therapy at the end of June and will probably continue occupational therapy for a month or so beyond that, because for my profession (psych and interior design) sketching, writing, typing, is crucial and I want those skills back strong! 

In closing, we do not yet have the results of the second test :/ but I’m not really too worried about it anymore. the second test is to see if I’ve had these cells for a long time or if it happened really rapidly, but with the first test resulting negatively I can’t see how the second test could be positive? My tests and MRIs show I’m responding well to treatment and that is the best thing I can ask for! Praise God for allowing me to be responsive to treatment and go through this with as little negatives as I’ve had. Our God truly is bigger than anything else. All glory to Him and our Saviour.

Romans 12:12

Day 31: Scheduling, Insights, Introspection

So the interview with the Christian Chronicle will be out next month (July) which is pretty cool! Didn’t realize to be published all I had to do was get cancer lol. Sorry, that’s not funny.

My radiation is done July 5th and this ‘rotation’ of chemo pills will be over July 3rd. Then I’m off until August and then 5/28 days I take a high dose of chemo pills, which functions as maintenance chemo, because you can’t continually just be on chemo because it will hurt you – it’s still a poison that I’m putting into my body. It hurts the cancer but it hurts my body. 

Dr. Monga said when I start the high doses of chemo I will be so thankful for the ondonsetron (Zofran; anti-nausea pill; I already take it each night to avoid any symptoms currently with my lower dose of chemo) which I already am thankful for it, such a blessing.

Normally you only do about 4mg tablets of Zofran but for the chemo I am on 8mg tablets which is great. And I’m thankful that my doctors really seem to care that I don’t have nasty side effects, because nausea isn’t pain or anything, but it’s still miserable!

Today Brandon takes me to radiation and the boys (Nathanael and Hardy) take Keebler to the vet, and then Wednesday night bible study/church. Not a super eventful day, which evens out the fact that yesterday was busy lol. This way Brandon can rest more before working and everything.

I think some people close to me are concerned that I’m pushing my feelings away and similar psychological no-nos, but I don’t feel that I am. I feel like those thoughts and emotions and feelings are not helpful to me, so why give them any time? To me, there is a difference in ‘this thought is too painful and I can’t handle it’ so I push it off, and in ‘this thought doesn’t help me achieve or feel better about anything, so I’m going to let that go’. As someone who has no filter and is extremely open, to the point of fault, it is incredibly difficult for me to ignore my feelings or hide them from others. 

I suppose it’s possible I am using defense mechanisms and psych no-no’s. I can’t use psych on myself to assess myself because 1. That’s unethical 2. I don’t have my licensure or anything like that 3. And logically, I’m too close to myself to give an objective opinion.

I dont know; I don’t mind seeing a psychologist and talking to them about it; again, I’m extremely open about everything, not just this, so it doesn’t bother me to share, I just see it as, if I don’t need it, why take up the Dr.’s time? But if it makes those close to me feel better and more secure, of course I will! And thank God for psychologists and that whole profession. It gets a bad reputation, but there entire profession is simply to help you. I love them. Which is why I chose to try to be one lol.

Have you guys noticed I use commas like some people use drugs? Lol I need to learn to restructure my sentences some so I’m not abusing the comma lol. I probably shouldn’t use ‘lol’ either in formal postings or anything other than text, but sorry y’all, that ship has sailed and it’s a lost cause lol. 

I might do another post today, maybe not, just felt like typing in my blog / journal this morning lol. Thank you God for a beautiful day and a solid support group and the peace I have about things that I know can only come from you. 

Romans 12:12

Day 30: One Month, Psychiatrist, and Dinner with Maegan

Today is one month since I began my therapeutic blog (yay!) I had labs drawn, an appointment with Dr. Monga (my chemotherapy Doctor) and an appointment with Dr. Arwa (behaviorial psychiatric oncologist / cancer psychiatrist).

Brandon took me to my appointments today and then I went to dinner with my dear friend, bridesmaid, and fashion designer, Maegan Schmidt. Today was a good day 😊

Labs were easy (I hate blood and needles) but the same nurse draws my blood every time, Nurse Jane, and she does it so I literally feel nothing. I can’t even tell when she puts in the needle. She’s a wonderful blessing and an smazing nurse.

Seeing Dr. Monga was good, I haven’t gotten my test results yet so I’m a little frustrated but that’s not a helpful emotion, so I just let it go. UPDATED: dad just got home and let me know that one test result came back negative but apparently that particular test was just reviewed at an annual cancer conference this past month and was shown to be over-estimated in importance. So much so that they’re considering not running the test anymore because it isn’t helpful? Idk. I’m not upset or happy, it just is. The other test is still waiting… Booooo…..We went over the bloodwork and I’m doing well. We want to watch my liver because of all the medicines were dumping on my body, it can be hard for the liver to process. So I will be eating lots of cruciferous vegetables and drinking lots of green tea!

I then met with Dr. Arwa, who I really like. She is such a sweet and caring woman, or at least made that first impression on me! She asked me the general intake psych questions, and expressed some concerns about the meds I’m on, but overall, she was really encouraging, and I appreciated the visit. She is going to refer me to an oncological psychologist that I can speak with every other week or weekly, just to help keep me positive and make sure I’m coping well with everything.

I also asked her for someone who she would recommend for Brandon to speak to, just because I know this is hard and stressful for him (thank God I’m the one who has this and not him; I couldn’t bear it) and I want him to stay mentally healthy. That being said, I can’t make him do anything, and if he doesn’t want to go, I’m not going to push him, so pray that the right decision is made here please.

Then, i went to dinner with Maegan and that was great. It was good to see such a good friend and escape appointments for a while. And it was great to catch up with her and hear how she’s been doing, I’ve missed her a lot.

So we’re here now, mom brushed my hair (what’s left of it lol) and I’m watching Investigation Discovery and cuddling with my puppies. They both got new collars today and they look so sweet. I’m feeling just fine, not good or bad, just pleasantly distracted I’d say. That’s the best I can ask for right now and I’m ever-thankful to God for how easy this situation is right now, all things considered. There’s so much for me to be thankful for, I can’t in good conscience complain.  
Romans 12:12

Day 29: More Appointments and Cranky

3:00pm: Let me preface this post with this: Today I am cranky lol.

I had an appointment this morning with a nutritionist to see if there are any foods or diets I can go on that will help me during my treatments….. That was kind of a bust because all we went over was the basics….. Eat healthy, exercise, fruits and veggies…. Which I already knew. She did give me some information on the ketogenic and Mediterranean diets, so that should be helpful!

I’m just not excited about eating healthy. I like healthy foods, but the idea of only that makes me kinda mad. Just because I like to be in control and that feels like me being controlled. Also, food has always been and is now a big comfort to me, so it feels like having the rug pulled out from under me, when it’s really just putting my life first, putting the body God gave me first. 

I’m gunna have to change my whole outlook and relationship with food. It’s gunna be hard, miserable even, but I’m going to do it. I have to fight for my life, even if I don’t want to, because there are people who love me who will hurt if I die and that thought is nearly unbearable. 

Maybe this diet situation will further teach me to give God control and find comfort in Him and not earthly things – clothes, jewelry, food, etc.

So the nutritionist appointment was at 10:45am at Iowa city, and then I had radiation scheduled for 12:30pm, but they got me back early after the nutritionist which was a great blessing:) I also got some prescriptions refilled. So I’m feeling pretty accomplished today lol. Marking things off my reminder list… I already have a bad memory lol, but it’s harder now because of constantly thinking about cancer, radiation, when to take pills, when are appointments, etc.

Brandon noticed yesterday that there was something bright purple on my incision on my head so today I asked one of the nurses to take a look at it and it turns out that, beneath the staples that were removed in May, there were 5 stitches that no one told me about ??? So the nurse removed 3 of them but there are still 2 more that she couldn’t get ahold of because they’re apparently positioned very awkwardly. She said she’s never seen someone have stitches like this? So we’ll try again on Friday. It doesn’t hurt or anything like that; I can’t even feel it, I bet it just looks real ugly! Lol

8:22 pm: My hair is still coming out from radiation and I feel as if I should feel more bothered. Im bothered that it clearly upsets my parents for me. The only thing I’m worried about is Brandon finding me repulsive. But in myself, im fine. It’s just hair, dead cells, it’ll grow back, and I’ve got bigger fish to fry right now lol. And this way, I’m saving so much money because if you knew me before all of this, I was spending about 30-50$ monthly on hair product alone, without trims and dyes. So this is a financially good thing lol.

Brandon’s dad, Trevor, is coming up Thursday for Father’s Day weekend and I’m really excited. It’s good for Brandon to spend time with his dad and it’s obvious that it makes them both feel good, I love that for them. 

Tomorrow I meet with Dr. Monga, get labs drawn, get test results (pray for positive!), have radiation, and meet with the psychiatrist, so please pray for a smooth peaceful day, as I’m sure I’m going to cry a lot either way lol. 

Thanks to God for an amazing support system, insurance that is working with me, a beautiful church family, a talented team of doctors and countless others. I am fighting for you and for God and for Brandon.

Romans 12:12

Day 28: The Lord’s Day and Getting Things Done

Today is the day which the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

Psalms 118:24

Today I woke up feeling pretty good! 🙂 I’m not going to church this morning because being around a lot of people for a prolonged amount of time wears me out and Brandon is working so he can’t help me leave immediately after. Many people ask the same questions and it’s emotionally taxing to try to answer strongly and positively over and over again. That, and it’s fellowship Sunday so there is a big delicious meal afterwards…. That I can’t eat, because I’m not supposed to eat “pot-luck” style food (that comes straight from my doctor), because of my weakened immunity.

All that being said, I don’t like missing church, it feels like a good re-charge and were ordered to worship our Lord and fellowship with other believers. I’m going to go tonight, with my family and Brandon, and then immediately afterwards some of us younger people’s are having a bible study for a while. This is the first one so pray it goes smoothly!

Brandon is off work at 3pm. And then all the boys of the house and myself are going to see the Conjuring 2 (in case you haven’t noticed yet, my family is hugely into movies; and I’m a scary movie junkie lol) then to church! After the bible study and everything, Brandon and I are gunna put up some new curtains in our little “basement-chateaux” and put up some wall decor. I’m really excited…. *its the interior designer in me lol*

So today is a full day, but a beautiful day with much for me to be thankful for. And truly, the more I think of what I do have and what i can do, it’s easier to control my mind, not let it think of things I don’t have or can’t do and therefore I stay more positive. It’s just taking practice.

This next week is another busy one, lots of appointments. So please pray they all go well and are encouraging and for positive test results on Tuesday (we find out for sure then). Additionally, I’m going to challenge my readers; while praying, be sure to think of something to thank God for…. We pray asking for things so often and rarely offer prayers of thanksgiving. So let’s give it a try! Thank you all.