Day 46: graduation from pt, thursday

This morning was weird lol. I slept until about 4 and then couldn’t go back to sleep until about 6am and then slept until 9am. I guess sometimes that just happens? But I am still tired, so this weekend is going to be for visiting with Jeanie and resting lol.

Brandon and Nathanael went with me to pt and ot this morning, 10-11:30am where I graduated! Yay! Lol so I’m done with PT and I met almost all of my goals. One goal I didn’t reach was being able to stand with my eyes closed, and have the floor move under me and maintain my balance through my hips and ankles. I don’t know how to fully explain, but I could show you? Anyways, I don’t think I could do that before all of this mess lol. I’m going to keep working on it on my own because apparently this is a basic skill I need to be able to perform. 

Brandon then headed back home to get the house picked up, watch the puppies, and rest some because he’s been going non-stop. Everyone has been, everyone around me is going non-stop. Everyone needs a massage, a Popsicle, and a nap. Let’s go back to Pre-K, guys lol. 

Zech, my sweet cousin, is driving myself and Nathanael to Iowa city where I’m getting radiation and we’re currently up seeing mom. Her nurse right now is kind of a butt, but whatever. Zechie and I will heading back in a little bit and Hardy will be heading home. Nathanael is staying with mama tonight. I ordered her an ensure drink and that way she can get some of those carbs she’s needing. The nurse could tell I wanted to take charge lol. If I get through this, I’ve definitely overcome my fear of hospitals and I could volunteer or something maybe. 

I’m so proud of Hardy for how great he’s been, because I know he hadn’t planned to stay with mom and get no sleep or anything, but he did it, and he did it graciously. Same with Nathanael. I’m so proud of my brothers. 

Zech, Brandon and I are going to see the movie, Warcraft, (our family does a lot of movies – it’s kind of our thing lol) the dorky movie based on WOW. I didn’t have any interest in seeing it or not, but Zech and Brandon did, so that’s why we’re going at three – hit up that matinee pricing. 😁 

After the movie, Brandon and I will head to Burlington, Iowa, to pick up Jeanie Linton from the airport:) she’s staying with us until Sunday.

So today is a big long day and I will sleep really well tonight I hope. Then only one more radiation before the weekend. I just want to rest. 

Lord, Today I’m thankful for this great day, for Zech, Brandon, Hardy, Nathanael, Jeanie, Dad, Grandma, and getting to see Mom in a little less pain. Thank you so much for the doctors who are helping me and helping my family. I ask that You take this from me please. Just take it away. Let me live my life for You, I’ll do whatever You want, but please don’t let me die. Give mom quick healing please, give her relief, give dad peace, give him strength and calm, give rest to the boys and Brandon. All of this I offer up to You through your Son, in Jesus name, Amen.

3 thoughts on “Day 46: graduation from pt, thursday

  1. Teresa

    I’m here anytime you want sweetie. I’m glad you and Zech got together. He really is concerned about you as we all are. Anytime you want to walk with the doggies or Diss me walk with you to help you out give me a holler. Plus pick up that food list already at church. You’re going to be spoiled LOL. Love you. Prayers. Glad your mom is doing better. Brian is checking the pool water. May have to go to Sentry on that. Take care see you in the puppies later on.


  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the specific prayer requests because that helps me when I petition our Father. I pray your weekend will be peaceful and rejuvenating for you and your loved ones. Love you guys!

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