Day 45: another little update from today 

I’m writing this entry this evening rather than in the morning, because today was a lot of information, so it’s best for me to get it down quickly afterwards and my phone has been dead for most of today.

I had radiation today and Hardy took me so that he could also come see mom. Shes in so much pain and it’s hard to see her like that. I wish I could take it from her so badly. I can’t stand to see my mother like that. I won’t ever be able to unsee my beautiful mother literally shaking from the pain.


Last night her blood pressure dropped dangerously low so they’re watching her closely and since she’s a diabetic, carb monitoring is crucial. Well, because in this surgery, they cut through her neck muscles, even just chewing, swallowing, eating mechanisms are hard. So getting her nutrition is difficult. She’s on fluids and everything, and we ordered her some food, but she didn’t want it. It hurt her to try. Please pray earnestly for her. Pray for my mom!

Sooo…. I asked her nurse if they could order her some Ensure drinks. They gave them to me in the hospital when I had no appetite (funny huh?) because they have full nutrition and it’s just a like creamy chocolate milk, and she can easily pull it through a straw. I didn’t get to see her try it, but I pray to God that she liked it and that that gave her some relief and nourishment.


On the positive side, her incision looks great. It looks healed already if you could believe it. Coming from someone who can’t handle looking at needles, I saw her incision:  It’s a big mean incision, but it’s pink and looks like a scar with some staples/stitches on it. 

Additionally, because mom does and was working on before, her little exercises for her neck and shoulders, those muscles were strong so it made the surgery more painful, it hurts her more now, but her nurse, Tiffany, said that will make them heal faster. So there is a positive in this!

Hardy is staying with mom tonight because dad really has to go to work tomorrow and honestly, he needs a break. He’s worn out from everything but he won’t stop going, he’s still exhausted from everything with me, constantly researching ways to help me or keep me alive. And then he’s wearing himself ragged with his job and being such a great husband to my mother. I couldn’t ask for a better example for marriage. 

I’ve never seen someone research as hard and thoroughly as my father, and a researcher is all I wanted to be before all of this. He’s not sleeping well, he’s worried sick about mom, me, money, the business, and the boys, and on top of that, my father is 63 and has had a heart attack. He has to slow down. If something happens to him because of what’s happening to me, i truly don’t know how I will live, how I could try to be strong through this.

So, coming back to my point and to stop thinking so sadly, Hardy and Nathanael are on their way to Iowa City so Nathanael can see mom, and dad can come home to rest and eat some of the homemade chicken and dumplings grandma made for us. Along with fried okra. Oh and her famous sweet tea! Thank you grandma, you’re the best! And chicken and dumplings is my favorite. 

This post has been super long, so I’m going to end it here, and I’ll pick up with the information from Dr. Nisely (she’s from Brazil and she’s wonderful!)

1 thought on “Day 45: another little update from today 

  1. Sonja

    Hi Annemarie,
    This is Sonja, ( the other stubborn German), from church wanting to let you know that you, Gabi and your entire family are in everyone’s constant prayers. Know that you are an amazing young sister in Christ, you are an inspiration to many. Your resilience is contagious, I am certain many others are helped by it. Allow us to carry the burden with you by letting us know how we can be of assistance to you all besides the occasional meals and prayers.
    Most gracious Heavenly Father most powerful God!
    I humble bow before your throne with heavy burdens regarding, Annemarie, Gabi and the entire family. I plead with you for a miracle of healing. Please show your powerful presence in these health matters. I ask you to work in every little aspect of Annemarie’s cancer treatments and Gabi’s recovery from the surgery. Knowing that you are all present and most powerful , I implore you to let your healing power fall upon Annemarie and Gabi. Should you decide to heal them through doctors , please give the doctors the knowledge and guidance to threat them in a way that Annemarie is cured form her cancer soon and Gabi has a speedy recovery.
    I thank you for Gabi’s successful surgery and the capable doctors you guided through this difficult task. Please strengthen the entire family as it is so heartbreaking to see loved ones suffer and one is unable to take the pain and suffering away. It makes us helpless. Once again I plead with you for a miracle, knowing that all things are possible through you, that you alone can heal them in an instance. Hold them in Your hand , comfort them, give them courage, strengthen them, shower them with your unending love and enormous blessings and give them peace that only you can give.
    In Jesus Name
    I Pray



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