Day 38: Third Day of Summer, Countdown of Radiation, and Hair

preface: there are photos below that are graphic (me without hair). Viewer discretion is advised! And you’ve been forewarned lol.

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday and the day before… I received a couple texts asking if I was okay; yepp, I’m just great, I just didn’t really have anything to say. There were no updates or anything, so I wasn’t sure how to post on that?

yesterday and the day before were good days! Brandon took me to radiation and I had labs drawn for Dr. Monga so he can just make sure everything is going well with my body functions lol, liver etc.

I request the same nurse now, Nurse Jane, everytime because I can’t even feel the needle go in when she draws my blood. She’s a great nurse:)

Today is Wednesday and I have 9 more radiation treatments. Hardy is taking me today and after today there will be only 8 left!:) were currently tapering me off my steroid so hopefully my face will start to look less chipmunky and acne ish:/ but the doctor said that will take time because steroids like to make your body hold on to it, so it’s a slow process.

I’m like super losing my hair now. Like it was going before but my hair is sad right now lol. I’ve got two bald spots on the very top of my head, and then one huuuuge one on basically, the right side of my head. It’s massive. Additionally I have one mirrored on the left side that is slightly smaller.

 I was just gunna shave it all and start over and then use extensions or a wig (a good friend of mine is in Berlin and she is in a wig making class and graciously offered to make me a custom one as my wedding present – I couldn’t ask for anything better – what a beautiful friend) but my parents and my doctor don’t seem to like the idea of me shaving it all; not for any health reason but I think they think I’ll regret it. When really I’m just thinking its gross how patchy it is lol. 

If you’d like to weigh in your comments or thoughts on: shave it off and start over or, leave what there is and attach extensions to that, let me know. I’d love some feedback! Thanks! 

Glory to God through all of this 🙂 thank you for a beautiful day and all these thunderstorms – I love ’em!

Romans 12:12 

5 thoughts on “Day 38: Third Day of Summer, Countdown of Radiation, and Hair

  1. Farah Price

    Shave it off!!! You are beautiful inside and out and it could be fun to play with wigs and extensions. It will grow back but embrace where you are in this journey and SHAVE IT!!! 🙂


    1. Genknee Jirk Reeakchon

      I agree with Farah. For me, I feel like it would cause me more stress to have bits of hair missing each day…I would just shave it, get some amazing hats – floppy, flowered, paisley, or funky newsboy hats – and rock that style like nobody’s business! That’s my two cents. I love you no matter what. ❤


  2. Nicky

    I say give it a shave shape. Don’t take it all off but you know kinda like half shave so it looks more intensional. And you can pull it off! Mohawk! Haha jk


    1. nicky P

      check your pinterest, got a bit too excited but you can have so much fun with it! and if i was you! tried the pink again. there is a dye that you can put in you conditioner is not permanent but since we have blonde hair it last a bit longer! DO IT IS GONNA BE SO CUTE!!!!!!



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