Day 34: Father’s Day Weekend

Good morning world! I’m in a great mood. You know why? It’s Father’s Day weekend and few things make me as happy as my dad does. He’s the most amazing, brilliant, wisest man I’ve ever met in my entire life. And I’m not the only one who thinks that. So ha. My dad is a second degree black belt and he could beat up your dad lol. 

(Dad sleeping all awkward and cute at some point in 2015.)

Additionally, we’re getting to celebrate this Father’s Day with my parents-in-law and I’m really excited to celebrate the man that half my husband comes from! I’m so lucky and blessed with my in-laws. I love you both so much, and thank God everyday for your raising of my husband.

(Dad a while ago when Nathanael looked like a girl because his hair never got cut as a baby lol. Probably about 2003).

Also, while it is Father’s Day weekend, I don’t want to leave out my mama. She has surgery on June 27th and it’s a biiiiiiiig, long, ugly, serious surgery and, while I’m thoroughly convinced she’ll be just fine, I can understand her fear and dread of it. The closer the date gets, she gets more anxious; that’s fair. Please pray for quick and easy healing, peace of mind, and as little pain as possible (she’s in agony until the surgery). Ponying on that, mama made this AMAZING homemade, from scratch, strawberry-rhubarb pie two days ago and it was eaten up by everyone quickly, I’m trying to find a way to get another one made soon lol. Because that was a slice of what love must taste like lol.

(Daddy and mama Christmas break of 2014!) 

So today were just having our immediate little family here, myself and Brandon, and Brandon’s parents, I guess I will refer to this from now on as ‘married set 1’ ok? Lol this way I don’t have to define and describe it again and again lol. 

(Daddy on Father’s Day last year, 2015.)

We’re going to swim (well I don’t lol) and barbecue and probably watch a movie or two and I’m just really glad to get to enjoy the company of two of the most important men in my life in a way that is fun for them. Also, I love food and were grilling out some super awesome foods today lol… And Trevor is a grill maaaaaster so this food is going to be on point lol.

(Daddy with my sweet puppy Luke. Dad doesn’t want to love him, but it’s hard not to lol)

Daddy is working this morning, Brandon and Trevor are working on food, Amy has been watching the dogs, mama super cleaned the kitchen and, I’m making brownies….  Hardy is no where to be found and the Nathanael+mason are still asleepas per usual lol. I’m gunna get them moving soon though and make one of them go on a walk with me or something lol.

(Daddy and myself just before leaving to drop me off in Arkansas for freshman year of college st Harding University, 2011!)

In closing, I’d like to ask for prayers for my mom’s surgery, for my dad as it’s going to be even tougher on him than it is now, with his soulmate being ‘out of commission’ for a while 😦 , and for me, that these last 11 treatments (radiation) really just abolish anything icky left in my head lol. I Praise God for all the blessings He’s given me, all the suffering He has comforted me through, and the way we’ve actually started a relationship through something so terrible. Also, thank you God for my daddy. Besides my salvation, he’s the greatest gift You’ve ever given me.

(My DAD!!! Dr. A. R. Doyle)
Romans 12:12

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