Day 33: Dr. Day with Amy! UPDATED

TGIF! 🙌🏻✌🏻️😱❤️😍😊 

Today I have physical therapy, occupational therapy, radiation, and Dr. Day with Dr. Smith. So we leave the house at 9:30am and don’t get home until about 2:30pm or 3pm, yucky lol. But at least it keeps me moving and distracted! Praise God for that!

My mother-in-law, Mrs. Amy Lloyd, is taking me to all my many appointments and therapies today, and I’m glad for the time I get to spend with her. I couldn’t ask for better in-laws, I love them!

Not much to report right now, but I’ll update this post later today about PT and OT and anything Dr. Smith says:) thanks for reading everyone :))) thank God for allowing me to be able to share my story!

Romans 12:12

Update, 3:10pm: Amy and I just got home a few minutes ago from all today’s events. I had a great time just being one-on-one with my MIL. I prefer one-on-one with people rather than groups, the introvert in me. lol

Therapies were great; I had 2 physical therapy goals left to reach, and I reached one today! Now there’s only one left to achieve! WOOT! 😊 thank you God for helping me achieve this goal! Occupational therapy is going well and I’ll be in that a while longer after PT ends, but I think once I’m off the steroid, I hope, I’ll progress faster (and I’ll stop looking like a balloon chipmunk!) The steroid (and some other meds I’m on) have tremors and shakes (and swelling, ew) as a side effect, so once I’m off this icky steroid, I hope to shake my right arm much less. Using the wrist weight helps a lot! 

I asked Dr. Smith about when I might be able to drive again. We discussed, since I haven’t been, like, legally distinguished as disabled I technically and legally could drive now; that being said, because of treatments and all the meds I’m on, it’s not safe, logical, or ethical for me to drive now. He wants me to wait at least 6 more weeks and then we’ll re-assess. I’m fine with that, I just was looking at how I could lighten the load on people around me.

So I think that’s all I needed to update you on? But in closing, I only have 11 radiation treatments left! Yay! It’s gunna take probably a few weeks for the steroid-swelling to begin going down is what the Doctor said, and a few weeks or months for my hair to start re-growing after radiation ends. Thank you Lord for letting this have been a painless, basically-hassle less, radiation process. All glory goes to God. I can’t, He can!

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