Day 32: Thursday, Therapies, Thirst

8am ish: It’s almost Friday… It’s almost the weekend! Woot! 

Today I have physical therapy and occupational therapy, I have radiation and Brandon’s parents get into town this evening! So big day, but blessed day!:)

I think it’s interesting that my doctors have mentioned that I would be more tired and want to nap more, etc. during these treatments, and if anything, I’m sleeping less than normal. That just shows what college will do to ya haha. Because Since I started college, even during summers, I sleep more than 9 hours a night typically. I love sleep lol. Down at school, I’d sleep from about 11pm.-6:30am and then take a 2-3 hour nap each afternoon, for a total of about 10 hours of sleep every 24 hours and now I sleep from about 11pm or midnight to about 7:30am just naturally, no alarm and I don’t nap. I like that, to me that feels like I’m tolerating treatment well. I don’t know if that’s what that actually means, but in my head that’s what that means lol.

Hardy is taking me to my appointments today, which I really appreciate because Brandon had a bunch of little, but necessary errands, that needed to be run this morning – dmv for car and licensing stuff. I really appreciate Hardy helping out because Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are hardy’s busiest days of the week with his mowing and transportation job. So he goes alllllllll day. He’s such a good kid. I’m thankful to God for him.

Update, 11:45am: I just finished therapies for today, it was so good. I am showing improvement in my hand a lot and that makes me really happy. Praise God for how He is letting me move forward. I could not do any of this without Him. I miss getting to sketch and typing lol. I just want to write a paper! Haha physical therapy was good too, she wants me to work on movements in my neck, just being mindful of posture and go on a walk everyday. So all things that are good for me 🙂 I love my therapists. I’m just really happy with being able to see my own progress, even if I still have a while to go, it feels great.

I will be done with physical therapy at the end of June and will probably continue occupational therapy for a month or so beyond that, because for my profession (psych and interior design) sketching, writing, typing, is crucial and I want those skills back strong! 

In closing, we do not yet have the results of the second test :/ but I’m not really too worried about it anymore. the second test is to see if I’ve had these cells for a long time or if it happened really rapidly, but with the first test resulting negatively I can’t see how the second test could be positive? My tests and MRIs show I’m responding well to treatment and that is the best thing I can ask for! Praise God for allowing me to be responsive to treatment and go through this with as little negatives as I’ve had. Our God truly is bigger than anything else. All glory to Him and our Saviour.

Romans 12:12

1 thought on “Day 32: Thursday, Therapies, Thirst

  1. Anonymous

    I really enjoy reading your daily entries. What an amazing journey you are on with God by your side! I love you so very much and pray your weekend is overflowing with joy, laughter and love…



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