Day 30: One Month, Psychiatrist, and Dinner with Maegan

Today is one month since I began my therapeutic blog (yay!) I had labs drawn, an appointment with Dr. Monga (my chemotherapy Doctor) and an appointment with Dr. Arwa (behaviorial psychiatric oncologist / cancer psychiatrist).

Brandon took me to my appointments today and then I went to dinner with my dear friend, bridesmaid, and fashion designer, Maegan Schmidt. Today was a good day 😊

Labs were easy (I hate blood and needles) but the same nurse draws my blood every time, Nurse Jane, and she does it so I literally feel nothing. I can’t even tell when she puts in the needle. She’s a wonderful blessing and an smazing nurse.

Seeing Dr. Monga was good, I haven’t gotten my test results yet so I’m a little frustrated but that’s not a helpful emotion, so I just let it go. UPDATED: dad just got home and let me know that one test result came back negative but apparently that particular test was just reviewed at an annual cancer conference this past month and was shown to be over-estimated in importance. So much so that they’re considering not running the test anymore because it isn’t helpful? Idk. I’m not upset or happy, it just is. The other test is still waiting… Booooo…..We went over the bloodwork and I’m doing well. We want to watch my liver because of all the medicines were dumping on my body, it can be hard for the liver to process. So I will be eating lots of cruciferous vegetables and drinking lots of green tea!

I then met with Dr. Arwa, who I really like. She is such a sweet and caring woman, or at least made that first impression on me! She asked me the general intake psych questions, and expressed some concerns about the meds I’m on, but overall, she was really encouraging, and I appreciated the visit. She is going to refer me to an oncological psychologist that I can speak with every other week or weekly, just to help keep me positive and make sure I’m coping well with everything.

I also asked her for someone who she would recommend for Brandon to speak to, just because I know this is hard and stressful for him (thank God I’m the one who has this and not him; I couldn’t bear it) and I want him to stay mentally healthy. That being said, I can’t make him do anything, and if he doesn’t want to go, I’m not going to push him, so pray that the right decision is made here please.

Then, i went to dinner with Maegan and that was great. It was good to see such a good friend and escape appointments for a while. And it was great to catch up with her and hear how she’s been doing, I’ve missed her a lot.

So we’re here now, mom brushed my hair (what’s left of it lol) and I’m watching Investigation Discovery and cuddling with my puppies. They both got new collars today and they look so sweet. I’m feeling just fine, not good or bad, just pleasantly distracted I’d say. That’s the best I can ask for right now and I’m ever-thankful to God for how easy this situation is right now, all things considered. There’s so much for me to be thankful for, I can’t in good conscience complain.  
Romans 12:12

1 thought on “Day 30: One Month, Psychiatrist, and Dinner with Maegan

  1. Anonymous

    I can see so much growth and maturity in you with every new blog! You are a wonderful person and I am proud to call you my daughter in law. I am in awe of you kids (you and Bran) and cant wait to see you.



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