Day 28: The Lord’s Day and Getting Things Done

Today is the day which the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

Psalms 118:24

Today I woke up feeling pretty good! 🙂 I’m not going to church this morning because being around a lot of people for a prolonged amount of time wears me out and Brandon is working so he can’t help me leave immediately after. Many people ask the same questions and it’s emotionally taxing to try to answer strongly and positively over and over again. That, and it’s fellowship Sunday so there is a big delicious meal afterwards…. That I can’t eat, because I’m not supposed to eat “pot-luck” style food (that comes straight from my doctor), because of my weakened immunity.

All that being said, I don’t like missing church, it feels like a good re-charge and were ordered to worship our Lord and fellowship with other believers. I’m going to go tonight, with my family and Brandon, and then immediately afterwards some of us younger people’s are having a bible study for a while. This is the first one so pray it goes smoothly!

Brandon is off work at 3pm. And then all the boys of the house and myself are going to see the Conjuring 2 (in case you haven’t noticed yet, my family is hugely into movies; and I’m a scary movie junkie lol) then to church! After the bible study and everything, Brandon and I are gunna put up some new curtains in our little “basement-chateaux” and put up some wall decor. I’m really excited…. *its the interior designer in me lol*

So today is a full day, but a beautiful day with much for me to be thankful for. And truly, the more I think of what I do have and what i can do, it’s easier to control my mind, not let it think of things I don’t have or can’t do and therefore I stay more positive. It’s just taking practice.

This next week is another busy one, lots of appointments. So please pray they all go well and are encouraging and for positive test results on Tuesday (we find out for sure then). Additionally, I’m going to challenge my readers; while praying, be sure to think of something to thank God for…. We pray asking for things so often and rarely offer prayers of thanksgiving. So let’s give it a try! Thank you all. 

1 thought on “Day 28: The Lord’s Day and Getting Things Done

  1. Genknee Jirk Reeakchon

    I changed the way I was praying over a year ago and I experienced the results immediately. It truly works! Instead of starting off with please, I say thank you and name my blessing. For example, instead of “Dear Lord, please help me to get through this day and be a blessing to all the people I meet” I say, “Dear Lord, thank you for helping me to get through this day and for helping me to be a blessing to the people I meet!” – I name it and claim it 🙂 Love you, Annemie. Thank you for being a blessing in my life. ❤



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