Day 27: Independence and Accomplishment

Today is HOT and I’m thankful to our Mighty God for such a beautiful day and to sit outside for a while and watch my puppies play.

Brandon had to work really early this morning – 6am-12pm. So I am waiting for him. And, side note, up until today, he’s had to help me shower and I’ve had to use a shower chair and the hand held shower thing. But today I decided to try it myself, without the chair and without having to use the hand held. Everything went really well and I’m really proud of it. Praise to God for helping me through this and in gaining back some independence and normalcy. All things are possible through our amazing Heavenly Father.

 Besides for that accomplishment, this is a little gross, but I was able to shave my legs, all by myself, so I’m happy and thankful for that too. Additionally, my steroid has made me have acne really badly, which is not typical for me, so mom gave me one of those Olay spin brush things and some great body scrubs and it is so nice. Thanks mama 😘❤️. 

Lastly, dad and I sat down last night and went over some medication information and I am on so many new medicines. It really doesn’t bother me to take lots of pills…. Maybe it should? Lol but a lot of them are ‘re-purposed’ drugs which means that they’re meds that are typically for other things, but have shown promise in combatting GBM.

 I’m really just ready for this to be over. I’m physically feeling fine, but I’m emotionally exhausted…. Please keep praying for positive test results and that our Great God heals me from this.

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