Day 25: MRI, Radiation, and Practice

Today, Hardy takes me to radiation at 12:45pm and then immediately following I have an MRI. They do an MRI at the beginning of radiation, halfway through treatments and then at the end, so this is routine and not a cause for over-concern. Although I would greatly appreciate prayers for this to be a clean MRI. 

(Above: radiation mask photo like what I wear, but mine doesn’t cover my mouth and I have a little retainer type thing I have to bite on lol) 
11:30AM:  We just dropped some stuff off at Platos Closet, and I forgot to bring a bottle of water (my steroid makes me eat, drink, and use the restroom alllllll the time!), so Hardy was sweet enough to go into a store and buy me two. He’s being such a great help through all of this. Which I know must be hard to balance being 19 and having fun, and then having to grow up and tend to your sister. I just really am thankful for such an amazing sibling.

(Above: Hardy and myself this last year at the Doyle Family Reunion in Strawberry, Arkansas)

 6:00 PM:  My fur-babies went to the vet today with daddy. They both got shots and blood taken and did not like it at all 😢 I hate that for them. They’re both cuddled up, sleeping on me now. After the vet, they both are lethargic and morose. It’s pitiful. I love these two babies so much.

(Above: my precious babies earlier today. left: Obi, right: Luke)

Now I’m just hanging out and watching Netflix while all the men of the house are working. Dad at the prison, Hardy as transportation specialist, Brandon at his store, and Nathanael mowing. I’m surrounded by amazing examples of hard workers. 

Let’s just pray this MRI was good and clear and positive test results please. Thank you thank you thank you 🙌🏻 

1 thought on “Day 25: MRI, Radiation, and Practice

  1. Anonymous

    Think of you so much and pray for you honey. You are so brave. Praying that everything you are going through will give you clean reports. Sending you love and positive vibes throughout honey.
    Love, Jeni Taylor



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