Day 23: Let’s Talk About My Husband For a Sec!

God was gracious enough to give me Brandon. And I will never be able to understand how I got to be so lucky and blessed. 

Brandon has been so incredibly supportive through all of this; he pushes me to stay positive when I want to give up which I need, he comforts me when I need it most, and he truly loves me. 

I mean, cmon, I’m losing my hair from radiation, I have a big ugly scar on my head and on my stomach, acne all over my back, shoulders, chest, neck and face from my medicines, my face is a giant swollen balloon from my medicines, I’ve got stretch marks all over, and guys, I’m a fattieeeeeee lol. Like I’ve gained 100+ lbs since we’ve been together (I’m working on it) and he still loves me. If this is not Prince Charming, idk what is. This is true love. 

I can handle the weirdness and grossness of losing my hair, and all the other junk, honestly I can, it’s shocking but I know it’s gunna happen so I’m not blindsided (which would TOTALLY freak me out). The doctors have forewarned me of the ickinesses of cancer. And for that I’m thankful, to them and God. But the only thing that scares me, at all, about the ickinesses, is that Brandon will find me gross, not just now, because I can’t blame him if he does for now, but later. 

I’m scared of that, and that I won’t get 50+ years with him. I’d sell any limb to get that. Id sell anything but my soul (which is not mine to sell). 

I digress, I’m going to depress myself if I continue on like this. My husband, Brandon Trevor Lloyd is the most amazing, kind, loving, beautiful person I’ve ever met and I would die for him a thousand times. Everyone should count themselves blessed to meet him, friends blessed to know him, family blessed to love him, I know I count myself blessed to love and know him.

In closing, please continue praying, petitioning, without ceasing, for my family, my beautiful husband, and positive test results!!! Romans 12:12 

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