Day 22: The Beginning of the Busy Week!

Today is the day which the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Today I feel rested and very well:) and the birds are singing out back, the sun is shining and the puppies are all having fun lounging out back, so I have much to rejoice for today.

Today I have radiation at 12:45 and PT and OT at 10-11:20am so it’s a rather long day. Hardy is taking me today because I asked him to. He is interested in becoming a physical therapist so I thought it would be nice / helpful for him to see me do my PT. 

I have a lot of calls for appointments to make and prescriptions to pick up today so it’s a weird kind of busy lol.

 But I don’t hold my phone to my head anymore because I am paranoid-ly convinced that me sleeping every night with my phone under my pillow caused this lol. My neurosurgeon said that definitely wasn’t it, but still lol. 

I can say that after all of this, if, by the grace of God, I end up fine and okay, I will be avoiding all technology around my body and Brandon’s too. Lol so no one stands near the microwave, no telephone touches your ear, no getting too close to the television, etc. lol I’m becoming a hippie! ✌🏻️ 

I’m going to ask a lot of you all again: please continue praying for my parents because they have so much stress and anxiety over all this, my husband as he has anxiety about this and it’s just hard, and myself for positive test results and fruit of the Spirit. 

I am thankful today for everyone who helps me do things that are hard for me at this time, even just giving me words of encouragement. And thankful for a God who loves me enough to have given His only Son. 

2 thoughts on “Day 22: The Beginning of the Busy Week!

  1. Anonymous

    Continued prayers for everyone. Remember to breathe and live in the moment. It does help. Miss and love you all…



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