Day 20: Omi’s Memorial

I’d like to dedicate today’s blog post to my namesake, my late grandmother, Annemarie Luise Lipek Meissner. 

She passed away this past November and would have been 90 this June 1st, a couple days ago. 

My grandmother was an amazing woman; talented, hard-working, and beautiful. My fondest memories are of her working in her garden. Her garden was something out of a magazine and was always tended beautifully. And seeing Omi work in it was a sight, her sassy white bob tied back with a red bandana. 

I regret deeply not being able to be in Minnesota at her memorial, because there is so much I’d like to say and hear, but with so many treatments and appointments, it just wasn’t possible. 

Omi, I am honored to bear your name and intend to bring it honor as I continue on. I miss you and Opa and am saddened that you never were able to meet Brandon. But I’m glad knowing you’re not seeing me at this low point in my life because I know you would just worry and there is no need for that. I am so glad to know, to truly know, that you are in a better place, with our Heavenly Father. I love you so much. 

In closing this post, I’d like to ask for prayers for my mother, as this is a difficult time for her and her siblings, my aunts (Tante Gine and Annedore) and my uncle Wolfgang. And in a selfish way, prayers for my test results to be positive. We should find out this Friday I believe. Please. 

2 thoughts on “Day 20: Omi’s Memorial

  1. Cori Alexander

    Continuous prayers for you and your family. Love your dedication to your Omi. What a reunion we will have one day! And what a joyous eternal day that will be!


  2. Anonymous

    Omi is smiling down on you Annemie. That was a beautifully written memorial. thank you! Continuing on with praying for you and everyone in your support system. And of course POSITIVE test results. Love you…



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