Day 19: Friday, June 3rd

So today’s update will be fairly short because today was a loooong day and I’m exhausted lol. The photo for this is to show my brother, Hardy Doyle,who  apparently got a hold of my phone at some point and decided to have a photo op. Lol 

Today was PT and OT (I have them twice a week) and radiation number 13 AND Doctor day where I meet with Dr. smith to just check in with how radiation is going.

Radiation is going completely fine and there are no new updates besides me having an MRI next Friday which will show us how effective the chemo and radiation are being. I won’t see the images, by choice, and I won’t even be in the room afterwards, by choice. But dad and Brandon will, so pray for peace for them. 

Both therapies went really well today and i so enjoy it. It really makes me feel encouraged and like I’m getting back to normal. Even if after all this I have some deficits, or if I don’t make it through all the way and pass from this, I love going through the motions of normalcy.

I find myself disliking radiation more and more each day which really has no …. Meaning? It’s stupid for me to dislike or like it. It just is. It doesn’t hurt or anything like that so I can’t really say why I don’t like it??

Next week is so busy: radiation all week, therapies twice a week, appointment with the psychiatric oncologist, appointment with my primary care physician on Wednesday, and Obi and Luke see the vet on Thursday. Please pray for my drivers to be rested and strong through this because it’s not as hard on me as it must be on them!

July 22nd is when I have an appointment in Arkansas with my neurosurgeon just to check in and be up to date with him. Look him up, dr. Ali F Krisht. He’s so brilliant and amazing and talented and I might have a teensy crush haha. Just kidding! I just truly admire him and how he (and God) basically saved my life for the time being! 

Lastly, we don’t have test results back yet, which I’m actually very okay with. It means more time to pray, petition, to God for them to be positive. And I’m a-okay with that! So please keep praying about those, please please. 

Tomorrow’s post will be more feelsy I’m sure lol. But for now, I’m off to bed because today was a long and early day! Love you each, Goodnight and God Bless!

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