Day 18: Thankfulness

Today I just wanted to discuss some things for which I’m thankful to God. 

My sense of smell. I am so thankful for olfaction. My sense of smell has always been strong but in my own convoluted way of thinking, I’m convinced that my sense of smell has gotten better since my sight and hearing are mildly impaired.

My senses overall. I haven’t lost any sense completely. Yes, there are some deficits, but overall, I’ve got them and they work! Which is more than some people can say. And for this, I’m truly thankful.

I’m also thankful for the things God has been teaching me to stop: judging others, yelling, having a harsh tongue, being quick to anger, controlling everything…. So many things! These are lessons I needed to learn and will continue to learn. And I’m thankful I haven’t had to learn them in a worse way.

My great brother, Hardy Doyle. He took me to radiation today, and we ran some errands and we went to lunch and we listened to Queens Greatest Hits. I am so thankful for such a loving and giving brother who didn’t complain once about walking a little slower, spending his whole Thursday, or any of the other inconveniences of walking around with me lol. I love him so much. 
My parents and their strong marriage. Every marriage has struggles but the one they showed me has given a lasting impression and stability that truly frames my whole world. I couldn’t have asked for better, wiser, more loving parents.

My husband, Brandon Lloyd. He gives so much of himself to support me and I can never give that back. I love him more than anything else and I can’t even describe how thankful I am for everything he helps me with. 

Feeling in my face. When this is all over, one way or the other, I will never take for granted feeling my whole face. I can only feel about 3/4 of my face, which is just some residual effects of my surgery and the steroid I’m on; that being said, I am so thankful for what I can feel.

Everything I have gone through has made me stronger— what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! And I feel stronger, in my mind, while I feel weak in this situation, I feel strong overall. If I make it through this, there is nothing I can’t handle. 

Today I’m just very thankful and wanted to make a post specifically thanking God for what he’s given me. 

Please continue to pray for positive test results. That is all I can ask of anyone; I don’t need anything else, just prayers that this goes away and has positive test results so I don’t have to do infusion chemotherapy. 

I can’t; God Can so all glory to Him for making this a painless thing and helping me see all the beautiful amazing things He’s given me and helping me draw near to Him when I never wanted to.

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