Day 13: (evening)

Watching bridesmaids with my husband, while eating some pizza. We watched talladega nights earlier. And that helped lift my spirits. 

He’s trying so so hard and I couldn’t be more thankful. He’s 24 and already dealing with things that people don’t deal with until years and years of marriage. I am so proud of him and count myself so incredibly blessed to be his companion. God truly gave me him.

I need to see a counselor soon. Because I’m making myself crazy. And that does nothing for my positivity…

Everyone is trying so hard to encourage me. And I am so thankful. 

I’ve been working with my putty all day, and I can feel it helping. So I just have to keep pushing and be ok with my hand shaking at times, no matter how embarrassing it may be. 

Please keep praying. Especially for positive test results!!! Please!!!! I am begging you and God. Also, pray for Taylor Tidwell who is still in the hospital for a serious condition. She is a close friend of mine and it hurts me to know she’s hurting. Please pray pray pray. 

1 thought on “Day 13: (evening)

  1. Sue Stevenson

    Enjoy reading your comments each day!good for you to put your thoughts down and for the people who read it also!’ I’m praying for good test results for you and also for keeping your faith strong!! Much love, your sister in Christ Sue



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