Day 11: cross country cancer 

Up until yesterday, everything about this has been sudden and quick. Quick onset of yucky symptoms. Quickly put in hospital, quickly taken to surgery, quickly released and starting treatment, but yesterday it hit me….. This is not a sprint, this is cross country -this is a distance thing lol.

I’ve been expecting everything to happen quickly… Even if it is bad, because that’s just how it’s been until now, but the thing with cancer is that it’s a long distance run and let me tell you something, I’m slow and fat, but dammit, I’ve run cross country and I’m beating this stupid thing lol.

I don’t like that now it feels like a distance. I don’t know why I thought everything was going to go so quickly but I want everything to happen quickly. This is where I have to pray for patience and understanding. 

UPDATE: still waiting on test results, so these last couple days, please pray haaaaard for two positives. No radiation issues, maybe a little tenderness, but it comes and goes and I honestly appreciate it because it lets me know something is happening back there lol. 

My old youth minister, Rob Fraser, set up an interview of me with Christian Chronicle and I’m doing it through email. But to be completely honest, I appreciate the opportunity to share my story, but I don’t know how relevant it is to people? I’m not a warrior of faith or anything or I don’t feel like it. I’m truly doing what anyone in this situation would do – treatments. I feel like if I’m going to be in this big thing, it should be more applicable to a wider audience. But I digress and am ever-thankful to get to share, because if you know me, I love to talk and talk and talk lol. 

The big wedding in December is still happening, that is the big thing. We are still having it and I’m still really excited. Just wanted to let people know so they would stop asking me lol. 

Please pray for my family, my husband and my dear friend Taylor who is still in the hospital with a serious condition. Pray for me to have patience and positive test results and to keep peaceful about this, because this long road, suddenly came into view and I don’t want to run it. I’m going to, but I don’t want to! All glory to God right? 

I still have tons to be thankful for: i have my sight- I can see beautiful colors, I have my hearing – I can hear birds and music and my parents voices, I have mobility – I can move by myself. So many people don’t have these luxuries or have lost them, and I’m just so thankful I haven’t lost those things. Praise God! 

I live today for God and hope I can bring glory and honor to him today. I love each one of my supporters. Thank you! #gbm

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