Day 9

Radiation 6 today! Went well, quickly, no pain or anything – in and out. Hardy took me and we got some sweet tea afterwards. Mmm!

We got home around 3:30 and Nathanael was home and he had his finals today, and he has some tomorrow. He got an A on biology which he was worried about and I’m really proud of him. 

Mom and I went on a little walk with Luke to help me practice some physical therapy. It was hot and humid and good to be out. 

Now, Brandon is at work until 10:30 tonight and he worked a lot around the house today  and I wait up for him to come home tonight. Tonight, just praying and dinner and television.

I made a team sign up thing today, for A Head For the Cure, in Chicago, July 23rd. I’ve already signed up and will be going. If you’re interested, text me, email me or call me: or 309-236-0961. I just want to do something. I can’t keep sitting around thinking about what might happen; I’m driving myself crazy. So instead I plan wedding stuff, think of wedding stuff, and think of things I can do to raise awareness for this thing I had no idea about.

You never expect the thing you’ve been studying passionately for 5 years, to start self-destructing. But that’s what’s happened here. Maybe my calling after this, if I make it through this, is to help counsel those with this same thing or something along those lines? I’m not sure.

Also, please be praying for my dear friend, Taylor Tidwell, who is in the hospital for a serious condition. She is a wonderful woman of God and is my best guy friend’s girlfriend. This is a huge struggle. Pray hard for her. 

Please continue praying. #gbm   

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