Day 8

It’s a new week….Hardy took me to radiation today. I got there a little early and they got me in early, so it was done pretty quickly then we drove back, picked up Brandon, and got some ice cream from Shivers & Shakes. Lol yum

Today I feel pretty hopeful and okay, more normal-ish in myself. I don’t want to be constantly wanting days to pass quickly but that’s how I feel right now… I want to get through this and get my normal back. Normal driving, normal dinner dates with Brandon, etc. 

so today was my 5th (I believe) radiation, and around the 15th-20th radiation, I’ll have an MRI that will be compared with the MRI done before radiation to see if there is any regrowth and how effective treatment is being. That being said, today I let both of my doctors know that all news- prognostic, diagnostic, good, bad- goes through my parents first because, and I’m not gunna lie, I’m in a fragile mental and emotional state and I think hearing anything about my condition will tip me over the edge. 

Both doctors are fine with my decision and are required to honor it and I’m happy they’re being so understanding. I have so much to be thankful for – great doctors, amazing surgeon, location of my tumor, lack of symptoms, an amazing support system, a mighty God— just so much. I could complain, but what does that do?? Nothing. Truly nothing.

I will get the results of the tests either this Friday, or may 31st – I’ll get the news from my parents, of course. Please keep praying for positive test results and high spirits. Pray for my parents and brothers and husband for peace and strength. Thank you each and every one of you ! #gbm

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