Day 7

Today is Sunday! God’s day! And he’s all I have. I can only trust and obey and have faith….

I don’t want anyone to think I’m being fake about my faith; I’m rough around the edges, I like my vices, but this experience has truly cleared my thoughts and brought into view what truly is important… So whether God and Christianity is correct or not, it gives me hope that there is something out there… I can’t handle the thought that there could be nothing. I have faith there is a higher power.

Went to church this morning with my husband and picked up my beautiful grandma and it was nice!

 Radiation again tomorrow, chemo pills and antibacterial pill tonight, etc.

Please keep suggestions to a minimum because, while I know they are meant well, they just remind me of my own fragility and mortality. 

Please keep praying for positive test results and effective treatment. I want more time with my husband, my family, my friends and loved ones, the things that truly matter. I love each one of you supporting me and appreciate every thought and prayer!  

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