Day 6

Today is my Aunt Teresa’s 60th birthday party!!! Yay!!! Congratulations aunt Teresa !!! 

No radiation on the weekends, but I do take an extra pill tonight and tomorrow (an antibacterial pill for my immune system). 

I went to AA this morning with dad… Not that I drink or anything lol, it’s just really encouraging to hear these people talk about their struggles and triumphs. Then dad and I got some groceries. Lol

Other than that, I’ve got no plans for today except to keep my attitude up as much as possible, pray that my tests come back positive and that I make it through this, and practice physical therapy stuff ( they want me to work on swinging my arms while I walk.) and then stop by aunt Teresa’s party this evening! 

Just keep praying everyone! 🙂 thank you. #GlorytoGod

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