Day 5

I love hanging out with my dad. Even as I’m typing this on my iPhone, I struggle to not cry, because I can’t really describe the relationship I have with my father. He is the wisest, smartest, most amazing man in the world… Maybe I’m supposed to think Brandon, my husband, is, but once a daddy’s girl, always s daddy’s girl lol. 

Today was my 4th radiation treatment and I feel completely fine! I started physical therapy and occupational therapy today…. I love them both. They’re both wonderful women. For physical therapy intake evaluation, out of 56, I got a 51. So there are not many physical therapy deficits, more occupational… Like with my right hand. The 51 instead of 56 is because I have some residual balance issues…. But it was good! I’m glad to have some people who are pushing me ya know??? 

We are still waiting on those test results, so please keep praying for 2 positive test results. Additionally, chemotherapy is going fine. Just some capsules every night and I have a nausea medicine they give me, so I haven’t gotten sick yet! Yay!!! 

All in all, a good day, please keep praying that this all gets better, for my faith to grow, for God to heal me, for comfort and support for my family… I know it’s got to be hard for a parent to even think their child might have cancer, let alone have it confirmed…. Even though I know they would take this from me, I wouldn’t let them. I wouldn’t have anyone else have this. This is my struggle, and God and I are working on our relationship with this! So this is a blessing in a terrible disguise. And it’s helping me grow as a person… And realign my character and values. my parents have had enough pain and hardship in their lives… No one can take this from me and I wouldn’t let anyone.  I love each one of you. Thank you! 

2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Michelle Tacker

    Annemarie ~ I want you to know just how incredibly proud of you I am. I always knew you were wiser and stronger than your year but wow girl ~ I am just speechless ~ I also want you to know that I am praying that between you ~ the doctors and our awesome God ~ this fight you are waging ~ will result in victory ~ in December you will marry your handsome groom ~ and all of this will behind you ~ I pray for strength for your parents ~ your future husband ~ Hardy and Nathaniel too ~ you guys are like family ~ and I love you all so very much ~ your blog is beautiful ~ as is the young lady writing it ~ much love Annemarie and may God continue to watch over you.



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